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Penny Drill is step by step method with 96 pages of  PDF with 17 over the shoulder videos, turns a total newbie into high traffic site owner in matter of days! A unique system that’s been highly optimized to get you FREE or PENNY Traffic! It is a full case study with real results! This method is new, easy-to-use, and 100% tested and PROVEN… You Can Enjoy a Tsunami of Traffic From The Internet’s Biggest Social Media Platforms With as Little as 57 Mins Per Day, NO Experience and NO Tech Skills! AND, Best of All, You Can Outsource Everything!

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I have a question for you…

What’s the #1 Reason
Why Most Online Businesses Fail?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Affiliate Marketing, CPA, Ecom etc., or whichever niche you’re in, or even if you have the highest-converting sales copy on the internet…

 If no one visits your page, no one will BUY

and you’re business will crash and burn along with your hopes and dreams.

Every successful online business uses the exact same proven formula…

They send targeted traffic to a good offer.

So, how do you get traffic and which traffic is best?

Right now, the best traffic you can get is from Social Media – it’s targeted, it’s cheap (if you know what you’re doing) and there’s lots of it! Today, out of all the social media platforms Facebook and Pinterest provide the largest targetable source of cheap visitors.

I tested and tweaked my campaigns and got it to the exact formula that now consistently gives me penny clicks. My ROI comes from running Facebook Ads with costs as low as $0.04 per Link Click. I also get 100s of daily users from Pinterest where I use viral content campaigns WITHOUT spending a dime on it. These two sources alone send me a 1000+ visitors every day!

The best of all…

  • Works in ANY Niche!
  • You can get started for free
  • 100% Newbie Friendly and Easy-to-Follow
  • 100% Ethical, Repeatable & Scaleable
  • Copy The Exact Templates, Ads & Shortcuts
  • Highly Profitable and Risk Free
  • 100% free traffic method included (no budget needed)
  • 100 Pages of Easy-to-Follow Instructions + 13 over the shoulder videos!
  • Real student results and testimonials
  • NO FLUFF or Fillers!


Ivana Bosnjak  and Ram Rawat сrеаtеԁ Penny Drill Formula,  that once you set up this system you’ll very quickly start getting cheap traffic (and start making profits)…

She and her team have created so many valuable and successful digital products, to make it easy for ANYONE…. even if you’re a complete newbie, With ZERO Internet Experience And Zero Tech Skills, to see success and start making money quісklу.

Today, you can copy the exact system which Ivan and Ram presented… It’s a simple micro-business you can quickly and easily grow to 100k/Year with just an hour or two per day… or outsource 100% of the system!

This Simple, Ridiculously-Cheap Facebook and Free Pinterest Traffic Strategy
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Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Understand Guide to Using Facebook & Pinterest to Get Dirt Cheap Targeted Traffic

This new formula will provide you with a relentless torrent of targeted traffic. If you’re a blogger, a list-builder, an affiliate marketer, an online shop owner… whatever your business, this will help your profits skyrocket.

Penny Drill is a unique system that’s been highly optimized to get you FREE or PENNY Traffic!

Penny Drill will get you started fast – there isn’t a faster way to get you up, running and profitable… You’ll discover all the tricks of the trade in Cheap Traffic Generation (and how to make money from these techniques).

Penny Drill  was specifically designed to help you make money through any method out there… CPA, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing… wherever you need to send cheap traffic. Penny Drill shows you how to exploit the two biggest, best and most reliable traffic sources on the Internet now… Facebook and Pinterest.

Why Facebook Traffic?

Facebook’s Targeting is Amazing

Facebook Advertising is much more targeted than any other network. You can target users with Facebook Ads by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior and connections.

Imagine showing your offer only to a targeted audience who then ‘like’ your offer and share it with friends. You’ll be paying just pennies for traffic and I’ll show you how to 4x your conversions with retargeting.

You can make a career out of this – build a profitable, long-term, sustainable business that will pay off your debts, put savings in the bank, and put your kids through college… You can create a job-replacing income stream in as little as 7 days from right now. Just follow the Penny Drill template to the letter.


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