Commission Magnet

The Commission Magnet
Free Traffic + This Method = Easy Commissions 

Commission Magnet guides you through a system that generates online affiliate commissions using a free traffic source. Everything you need to get started from the ground up is inside the Commission Magnet!



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Glynn has put together a step by step training guide to show you exactly how you can generate over 100 bucks per day using 100% free traffic.
If you have a spare 30 minutes per day, then this course is for you.
Once you have dived into this free traffic source and uploaded your ‘Cash Magnets’ you’ll be on your way to generating hundreds of dollars every single week.
The Commission Magnet video course details a super simple system we use in our business on a daily basis to generate fresh leads that ultimately generates us cold hard cash in CPA and affiliate commissions, pretty much on autopilot.  We guide your customers in how to set up a system that is ready for traffic via FREE TRAFFIC.  Your customers will know by the end of the guide how to get really good traffic for FREE and make CASH.

Remember, these methods only take a few minutes per day to set up, and won’t cost you a single cent as all we use are 100% FREE TRAFFIC Sources.

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If you follow the course and the modules correctly, you could be looking at a new stream of income within hours or days.

Free Traffic + This Method = Easy Commissions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Is All This About?The Commission Magnet course will show you how you can generate affiliate commissions of around $250 on a consistant daily basis.  With the methods we teach the skies the limit on how much you could potentially earn in the future.
  • How Is The Training Delivered?The training is delivered via a series of step by step tutorial videos.  These videos are securely placed inside a members area that all buyers will get immediate access to once the buyers payment has been processed.
  • How Long Will It Take To Start Making Money?If you follow the course correctly its possible to start making good money within days.  Most students have seen results within a day or two of enrollment into the course.
  • Do I Need Any Technical Skills To Make This Work?You don’t need any technical skills at all to see good results with The Cash Magnet.  If you follow the course correctly and do exactly as we instruct, you’ll be able to earn a very good living.
  • Will I Be Required To Create My Own Digital Products?This course does not require you to create your own digital products.
  • Will I Need To Spend Money To Make This Method Work?This method uses a 100% Free traffic source meaning you won’t be required to spend a dime. However we do have some optional tools that you can purchase.
  • I Am A Complete Newbie…Will I Be Able To Make This Work?Yes, anyone can make this method work. The training is delivered in very basis step by step videos.  You cannot fail with this method and course.
  • Is There A Guarantee With This?We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
    If you don’t like what you see or hear, just contact us and we’ll process a refund.


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